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The GGD will test for chlamydia in a different way.

The GGD will test for chlamydia in a different way.

As of 1 January 2025, the GGD will no longer perform chlamydia testing as a standard if people have no complaints. New scientific insights show that sexually transmitted infections only carry a very small risk of reduced fertility. In addition, the infection usually passes on its own without any harmful consequences.

If you do not have any symptoms consistent with chlamydia, but you are infected, testing and treating the infection does not contribute effectively to your health. Chlamydia will therefore no longer be on the list of standard tests from next year, which should prevent overtreatment. In this way, the GGD wants to prevent the bacteria from becoming resistant to antibiotics.

“Don’t make people unnecessarily afraid of chlamydia.”

According to Hannah Bos, community and health doctor at Soa Aids Nederland, “it is very good news” that people are no longer being tested for chlamydia. “Many people have been afraid of the negative consequences of this sexually transmitted disease for years. These new insights also show that this fear is largely unfounded. It is important not to scare people unnecessarily.”

For a long time, science has seen chlamydia as the leading cause of female infertility. That’s why there has been so much focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this sexually transmitted disease. So, even if someone has no complaints of chlamydia. But there is no evidence that taking antibiotics without complaints is an effective approach.

STIs often resolve on their own, without causing any negative consequences for a person’s health or fertility. However, SawaAIDS Netherlands is calling on the government to invest in a national public campaign on sexual health. Wearing a condom to protect yourself and others remains important. But condom use among young people has been steadily declining since 2011, while the number of STIs is on the rise. You can read about it in the article below:

STDs and AIDS in the Netherlands: “Young people no longer know that you have to use a condom”

A nutritionist explains the frequently purchased supermarket item she’ll never buy again

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