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The Hergé bust will not return to the square in Etterbeek for the time being

The Hergé bust will not return to the square in Etterbeek for the time being

When the 40-centimetre-tall bust became a target for vandalism after the opening, the municipal council quickly decided to provide the statue with a glass bell to protect it. However, the vandals were still able to push waste under the glass, and several attempts were made to break the glass. Therefore, the municipality wanted to provide stronger protection for the statue.

But looking for a company that can provide such a suitable cover is difficult. “Undoubtedly, one day the bust will be placed back on its pedestal, but so far we have not found a company that can completely and stably protect the bust from plexiglass. For this reason, it is not yet clear when it will be possible to return the bust,” he said. As a municipal spokesman says.

The statue was removed in August, more than six months ago.

To pee

One of the square's residents, Vincent Van Ennis, regrets the removal of the statue. “Hergé lived on De Theuxstraat and found inspiration for the French name for Tintin's dog, Milo (Bobby in Dutch). His childhood sweetheart, Marie-Louise, lived on the same street.

However, he understands the decision to temporarily remove the bust. “It is scandalous how the photo was treated. People urinated on it, and some of them smeared it with everything.”

Vincent hopes that the statue will soon be returned to its place.

A municipal spokesperson confirmed that the statue will be kept safely in City Hall in the meantime. Due to the value of the bust, it is not on display.

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