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The hood of Jan De Vostunnel has been transformed into open space for the residents of Kiel and Tentoonstellingswijk - Antwerps Persbureau

The hood of Jan De Vostunnel has been transformed into open space for the residents of Kiel and Tentoonstellingswijk – Antwerps Persbureau


Antwerp – The existing roof of the Jan de Vos Tunnel is currently being upgraded and has already been transformed into a new piece of public space for the residents of Kiel and the exhibition area. With a container vegetable garden, a mobile forest, a playhouse, a flower and herb garden and much more. This temporary use is intended to provide inspiration for what is possible for Ringpark Zuid, which will include further Jan De Voslei tunneling.

The works, 'Cap-a-City', are part of the co-creation process to realize Ringpark Zuid, where a number of things are tried out before the final plan is drawn up. The city of Antwerp receives financial support for this purpose from the Flemish Urban Policy. Cycling on the pump track, growing vegetables with the neighbours, trying out the tightrope…: all this is possible from today, on the roof of the A112 tunnel in Jean de Fuseli. Residents of the densely populated neighborhoods of Kiel and Tentoonstellingswijk are invited to explore the new location in full. In this way, the city of Antwerp wants to increase the feeling of security and meet the need of the two neighboring residential areas for open space for sports, games and relaxation. The entire building is designed as a linear garden: visitors use the lines on the ground to reach different areas such as the large stage, the pergola or the pump path. Some temporary installations will remain in place for several weeks or months, others longer.

Based on these achievements and initial programming, further cooperation with local residents and local organizations can be developed. The City of Antwerp will use an evaluation of this temporary use to further shape this part of the new Ringpark Zuid. The final works for the Ringpark will begin in 2027. In addition to the re-evaluation and programming of public space, the ambition is also to use this renovated roof to connect the park complex Nachtegaelenpark, Middelheim, Den Brandt and the future Ringpark Zuid.​

Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA): “The tunnel roof at Jan De Voslei is one of the extensions of the new Ringpark Zuid and is a good example of what this gradual transformation will look like. Until today, the tunnel roof formed an almost solid border between the city of Kiel and the exhibition area At the initiative of City Marine, this is now starting to change and the seeds are being planted to create a new meeting place for the wider area, where many young Antwerp residents also live or go to school. This gives oxygen to the neighborhood and ensures a safer and more liveable neighbourhood.

Koen Kennis (N-VA), Mobility Consultant: “In Antwerp we are working on a city that combines quality of life and mobility. The cities that succeed in this are attractive cities to live, work in, invest in and visit. Antwerp wants to be like this city, first and foremost Something for its inhabitants. What we realize here on the cover of the Jean de Fuseli tunnel is a typical example of this.'

Cap-a-City's strength lies in team effort. By working closely with local people, the project aims to create a sense of ownership and participation. This ensures that the garden is not just a physical space, but also a reflection of the community and its values. The new design is a joint project between Kiel Maritime City Antwerp and the Ringpark Zuid project team. Much of the implementation has been carried out by companies active in the field of social recruitment.

Sylvie Michelle

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