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The Kreuners got their first song "Best Of" on VTM's new music show "The Best Of" |  television

The Kreuners got their first song “Best Of” on VTM’s new music show “The Best Of” | television

televisionAccording to Flanders, what are the top five songs of De Kreuners, Natalia, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Axelle Red, De Mens, Urbanus and Gorki? On the basis of diverse performances, viewers will receive the answer in the new music program “The Best Of”, which will soon begin on VTM. In the new programme, these eight Flemish music icons surprised with a one-of-a-kind private concert of more than 40 fellow artists.

The Flemings selected the top 5 performers of each central artist from “The Best Of” through a comprehensive survey, and these great results are topped with personalized sauce by the performers. Which five songs are the most popular, in what order and what is the absolute first number? Who are the dazzling artists covering the songs and what does the new performance look like? In “The Best Of” Flemish artists with presenter An Lemmens give one (musical) surprise after another.

In addition to amazing live performances, “The Best Of” returns backstage during preparations. Cameras follow the artists in the lead up to their surprise performance. In the so-called VoxBox, Flemish famous and unknown people share the top 5 famous artists and explain why they chose those songs.

Kroners bite

In the coming weeks they will appear as Natalia, Urbanos, Dimitri Vegas, Axel Reed, De Mains, Raymond van Heet Gronaud, Gorky and De Kroners. Walter Grootaers and his band members can blast off in the first episode. From ‘She Has Style’ to ‘Cous-cous Cries’ to ‘So Young’ or ‘I Want You’. But can these results also be found in the top five collected by Flanders herself? What do you think of the Kreuners’ best songs? Which hit voted for first place?

The top five are covered by top musicians Bart Peters, Mauro, Ekoual Idiot, Andre Hazes and Jay Swinen. The band’s family tells how they lived the career of Walter, Axel, Eric, Jean, Chris Lom, and Walter’s daughter Lily, giving their honest opinion about the songs that Walter wrote about them after all these years.

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