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The lights go out for Flamme Fatale: Watch her unmask and all of the evening's shows are here |  The Masked Singer 2022

The lights go out for Flamme Fatale: Watch her unmask and all of the evening’s shows are here | The Masked Singer 2022

televisionWe said goodbye to Matthias Virgil’s parrot last week, and it’s already time to vote for one convincing singer from the show tonight. This time, the fiery Flamme Fatale must take off her mask. Find out here, and re-watch all the shows from the evening.

Attention: This article contains spoilers.

Stan Van Samang joined the detectives tonight. Last season, he was still one of Duiker’s prime suspects, but it turned out to be Jiu Kemper. “Every day you share music, with people, and sounds,” notes Nils Destadsbadr. So expectations are high. “I can feel the pressure already,” Stan laughs. “But all I hear is: ‘It’s really hard,’ ‘I have no idea’, ‘Last year I was sure, but now…’. So I think that would be dramatic.”

The Masked Singers kicked off the evening with a celebratory version of “I Got A Feeling” from The Black Eyed Peas. During the fights, Miss Poe was especially surprised by her loud whistles, reminiscent of world star Mariah Carey. “Is that us? Do we have this in Flanders?” Niels asked aloud. “Is this a world star?” We don’t yet know who is behind these mustaches, but the cute singer has once again cemented her position as the favorite for the ultimate win.

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But of course it wasn’t all parties, because tonight one of the masked singers would have to say goodbye to the show. Flamme Fatale, Rabbit and Ice King ended up in the danger zone after their battles. “We’re dealing with a unique situation, we can’t figure out who should save me,” said Ruth Beckmans. “So we would like to pass that responsibility on to the public.” It was hardly said after the act: the rabbit was the first to be saved by the crowd. This meant that Flamme Fatale and IJskoning had to give their best one last time in the showdown round. The Ice King narrowly escaped being eliminated.

This time it was Flamme Fatale’s turn to take off her mask. At the beginning of the evening, she was still impressing broadcaster Nils Destadsbadr. The fiery Flamme fell to one knee and begged him to marry them with a golden ring. “Ah, yes, but sure?” Nils looked. “I swear, if this turns out to be Quinn Croc…” But Quinn was clearly not under the mask. It was none other than Tine Embrechts! However, she is also an inaccessible lady, as she is married to Goga Powell. He is also one of the Ice King’s main suspects.

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Miss Cat, Scorpio, Knight, Ice King, and Rabbit are still in the game and will be moving on to next week’s episode.

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