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The major Belgian clubs are in a major conflict with former players

The major Belgian clubs are in a major conflict with former players

With three exceptions, all received the green light from the Licensing Committee on Monday. A number of surprising results have been noted in accompanying reports. Many top clubs appear to be at loggerheads with their former players.

The legal department is particularly busy in Ghent. For example, the Buffaloes have reached an agreement for Ilumbi Mboyo, Hans van der Bruggen and Roman Yaremchuk, but have made no progress on files for Adriano Duarte, Adnan Kostovich, Steve Wells, Mbaye Lee, Roy Myrie and Mustafa Salah.

Disagreements with former players

Antwerp, who were fined €50,000, appear to have settled their differences with both Steven Defore and Laszlo Boloni. A conviction in the Brian Brisk case would not be a cause for concern, nor would the proceedings with Kevin Mirallas that are still ongoing.

Anderlecht, in turn, appealed the ruling in the Lukasz Teodorczyk case. In addition, there is a dispute regarding the exemption applied to Sambi Lokonga in withholding tax for the 2021 tax year and an action with SK Beveren regarding Isaac Kiese Thelin.

The club is waiting for money

Genk had a dispute with Celta Vigo over Pinyangba's win, but that is now considered settled after the two teams reached a mutual settlement. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the legal entity tax dispute of the non-profit organization at this time.

Finally, Club Brugge is almost the only club among the traditional top clubs that currently does not have any issues with former employees. Blauw-Zwart is still waiting for money from angry club KV Oostende, which has yet to deposit the third part of Daniel Pérez's payment into Brugge's account.

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