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The man who was taken to court by his girlfriend for missing a flight

The man who was taken to court by his girlfriend for missing a flight

A New Zealand woman is suing her boyfriend for breach of a ‘verbal contract’. He didn’t take her to the plane, so she missed that and a concert. How did it turn out?

The woman told a New Zealand court that she had been in a relationship with the man for six-and-a-half years until they fell out.

The man did not take his girlfriend on the plane

The unnamed woman had agreed to attend a concert with some friends. Her boyfriend agreed to drive her to the airport and stay at her house and watch her two dogs while she was away. It seemed like a great project.

The day before she had sent a schedule for pick-up but it never arrived. Due to lack of alternative transport, he missed his flight.

Did it explode on purpose?

This will increase the costs. So the woman had to pay extra for the next day’s travel expenses, a shuttle service to the airport and a kennel for her dogs.

Did the man blow up his girlfriend on purpose? The woman suspects so because he often stays at her house and takes care of the dogs. But is such an oral agreement legally valid?

Not legally binding

Whether the person made the promise or not is legally irrelevant, a judge in New Zealand rules. It cites that “partners, friends and co-workers make social agreements, but these are unlikely to be legally enforceable unless the parties commit an act signifying their commitment to their obligations.” Guardian Judge.

“When friends don’t keep their promises, the other person suffers financial consequences, but they may not be able to cover the loss.” The nature of promises is “exchanged as a normal give and take in an intimate relationship.”

New Zealand Disputes Panel

“It is part of everyday family and domestic relations agreements that are unenforceable in a dispute board.” So the woman’s request was rejected. The man indicated that he did not wish to appear at the hearing.

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