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The most beautiful phrase of love comes from Jabin

The most beautiful phrase of love comes from Jabin

“All that matters, my love, is that there is someone who sees more in you than you knew they could.” This sentence by writer Arthur Gaben was voted as the most beautiful sentence of Dutch literature in a public poll conducted by CPNB.

Written by Jabin in a bestseller fatal flaw from 2003. The survey was based on the top ten love phrases collected from 1,500 invitees from Boekenbal and then compiled into a national survey.

Arthur Gabin is happy with the poll, but had to look up the ferry himself. “I didn’t know where the sentence was in the book,” he said on the NOS radio show, “others seem to know my work better than I do.” Tomorrow’s goal

Stylistically, the sentence is not thought of as special. For him it is a sentence close to him. “And that’s the secret to things like this anyway: If you stay close to yourself, to something you’ve experienced for yourself, you have the greatest chance that people will recognize themselves in it.”

The other competitors

Other contenders include Harry Mulisch (it was so soft I couldn’t feel where it started), Anne Frank (I can feel my cheek today when I think about it, with that wonderful feeling, that everything is fine. It makes), Connie Balmain (“I want you” To live forever, I tell him”) and Jan Walkers (“Because pity is love’s worst enemy”).

Flemish writers also have a chance. For example, Griet op de Beeck (“I want to promise him that I will collect him if he falls to pieces”) is in the top ten. Just like Hugo Claus with a stanza from his poem “I am writing to you” (“I am writing you on paper, as you swell and bloom like an orchard in July”).

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