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The most popular LEGO and Barbie toys for 60 years, according to research

The most popular LEGO and Barbie toys for 60 years, according to research

Foto: Pixabay License / Semivent

LEGO, Barbie, Monopoly and Playmobil have been the most popular toys in the Netherlands for the past 60 years. This was reported by Amazon Web Store and Old Crafts & Toys Museum based on research by the Ipsos Institute.

favorite game
LEGO tops the top 15, beats marbles and roller skates, and the guy doesn’t bother you. IPSOS 1200 surveyed Dutch children and parents about their favorite games and why they like or love these games so much. The top five on the list are the major toy brands: LEGO, Barbie, Monopoly, Playmobil and BabyBorn. This is followed by, among others, roller skates (6th place), Marbles (10th place), and People-disturb you (13th place).

Video Games
Famous games from the 90s are also on the list, such as Diddle mouse (7th place) and Flippos from the chip bag (9th place). It is also noticeable that most of the people who have kept their favorite toys from the past mostly have old LEGO in their wardrobe. Most respondents said they played alone with their favorite toys, but about a third thought it was important to play together. Children born after 2010 reported playing more with their peers thanks to their favorite video games. In the top 15 are the popular Fortnite, Mario Kart, and Minecraft games.

2021 trends
The top five can also be partially found at other game sellers. expects Toy Trends 2021, for example, that LEGO and Monopoly based on the popular movies will be on many wish lists for upcoming holidays. The sales site also states that LEGO was one of the best-selling toy genres in the past month. Intertoys toy store offered LEGO, Playmobil and Barbie toys as holiday gift ideas.

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Source: Nieuws.NL / ANP