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The Multifunctional Center opens in Ortonberg months later

The Multifunctional Center opens in Ortonberg months later

The demolition of the foundations of former elementary school Worcester von Owen has already begun on his own initiative, whereas no permission has been granted for this. It is very sensitive in Ortonberg, so it is also in this place in Sind Pavostrat, because there are always archaeological remains in the soil. Each mound in the Ortonberg soil, at a depth of more than forty centimeters, should be reported and documented where necessary.

Not the purpose

The municipality imposed a ceasefire on the contractor because the municipal administrator wrote a letter to the municipal council saying that the removal of the foundation – to put it mildly – was ‘not intended’. First, archaeological research had to be completed. The report may come at any time. The municipality determines which follow-up activities are necessary and can issue an environmental permit.

The municipality is developing a new multifunctional center in the town of Ortonburg with Op Dreif Elementary School, childcare, playground and village house. It is a building resembling Roman times, many traces of which are still found in Ortonberg. The total construction cost is 6.5 million euros. It was already two million more than previously budgeted, because Orton’s citizens really wanted to add a village house and a sports hall.

‘It gets a tail’

It is questionable whether that amount is still sufficient. Since then, demand for construction materials has risen sharply and building prices have risen rapidly and sharply. The municipality of Hulst also noticed this while renovating the museum in Hulst, which will cost 330,000 euros more and should be more relaxed. The Sluice municipality is currently in consultation with the contractor about additional construction costs, but also about the consequences of the error in the demolition work. Alderman Weckmann: “I hope this will undoubtedly get a tail end and it will cost more.”

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New design

As residents of the Multifunctional Center protested against a view from the patio garden on the first floor of the new building, the architect began to paint again. The changed design for the outdoor space will go to locals this week so they can respond again. Workman hopes that this design with additional planting can get their approval.

Leaks on the Tree

The delay in issuing the new MFD does not mean that the municipality will still invest in the outdated building of the elementary school of Treef, which is struggling with leaks, Verkman said: “We are not going to invest money in a building that was demolished. The roof is not going to fall. “