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The municipality of Dürn is positive about the plans for the Albach farm in Walsberg

Plans for an alpaca farm where visitors can walk the animals and spend the night near the alpacas have been welcomed by Durn College. The founder wants to create a place where people can get to know animals for social, educational and recreational purposes in Quatestartweg and Koorweg.

The place started in 1999 with two alpacas as a hobby and has now grown to around thirty mother animals with cubs. Operations have expanded significantly over the years, and since 2009, alpacas have been purchased specifically by the owner in countries such as Chile, Australia and New Zealand to raise good quality. The breeding farm now breeds several groups of all kinds of colors. High quality is shown by the good results animals achieve in alpaca shows in the Benelux.

‘Alpaca in a Tent’
The startup now wants to further expand the alpaca farm’s operations so that visitors can walk, feed and pet the alpacas. In addition, there will be opportunities for picnics or high tea at the farm, and in the future you will be able to spend the night in various ways, including ‘glamping tents’ with the ‘alpaca by the tent’ concept.

An unconventional company
The Council is positive about the project: “By cooperating with the initiative, a spatial quality gain is achieved in this outdoor space. The glass barriers (more than 4300 m2) that are no longer in use will be demolished and an extraordinary institution will be taken in its place, contributing to the tourism and entertainment positioning of Tour.

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The zoning plan still needs to be revised before the plans can proceed. Now it is up to the city council to decide.