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The Netherlands in the final stage of the European Q-School

From January 12 to 15, the final phase of the Q-School will take place in Niedernhausen and Milton Keynes. Through this the remaining tour cards for the PDC round are distributed.

In recent days, darts players have been competing for a place in the finals, for which some players have already been automatically placed. The final phase of the European Q-School takes place in the Neighborhood. Of the 128 people who attended the event, statistician Philip Wolf estimated that 45 were from the Netherlands.

Germany also has a rich representation this week. A total of 33 Germans are in the final stages. Belgium has as many names as twelve. Also from Austria (6), Spain (5), Poland (4), Denmark (4), Czech Republic (4), Sweden (2), Portugal (2), France (2) and Switzerland (2). Players: USA (1), Latvia (1), Luxembourg (1), Lithuania (1), Hungary (1), Croatia (1) and Finland (1).

In the British edition at Milton Keynes, presenter to the Royal Family of England. Of the 128 participants there, less than eighty players are English.

Scotland and Wales have fifteen players, with Ireland having seven and Northern Ireland five. Two players in the United States, one player left in the teams in Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Note: The United States is the only country in both Q-schools to have participants. This is not surprising because players outside of Europe were allowed to choose whether to participate in Milton Keynes or the Northernhouse.

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