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The new French Minister of Education is under fire: “A lie that disqualifies her” |  outside

The new French Minister of Education is under fire: “A lie that disqualifies her” | outside

The opposition in France is demanding the resignation of new Education Minister Amelie O'Dea Castera on Monday. Odea Castera, who took over the ministry from new Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, found herself in the eye of the storm after it was revealed that she had enrolled her children in a prestigious private school.

Odeya Castera attributed this to “long hours that are not taken seriously” in education. She also expressed her “frustration” by saying, “She has had enough, just like hundreds of thousands of families.”

These words were not received well by educational unions, who rejected the statements and described them as “unworldly.” They also noted that the minister is there to address the teacher shortage.

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According to Liberation newspaper, the interpretation is also incorrect. On Sunday, the newspaper spoke about a former teacher of one of the minister’s sons who explained that choosing private education came as a result of the desire to skip a year, and therefore had nothing to do with the shortage of teachers.

“A lie that disqualifies her,” said Manuel Bompard of the far-left France Intrepid party. The Communists and Greens also called on the minister to resign, as did the far-right National Rally party.

Odea Castera tried to save the furniture on Saturday by declaring that she would “always be there for” public education teachers. She also stated that she was “sorry” that she may have “hurt” some of them. The fact that, in addition to the Sports and Olympics portfolios, Odea Castera received the Education and Youth portfolios, led some trade union members to fear that she would only be involved in “part-time” education.

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