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The new PlayStation 5 requires an internet connection to install the drive – Games – News

The updated PlayStation 5 console requires an internet connection to install a new drive, likely to combat piracy. The new PS5 console has an optional disc drive that the user can add to the console.

CharlieIntel, an account on the social media platform It posted images of the upcoming PS5 console online. The packaging says: “Internet connection required to connect drive and PS5 controller upon installation.” Users who purchase the PS5 Digital Edition and want to add a drive later, or users who want to replace a broken drive, must connect the console to the Internet at once.

Presumably, the aim is to prevent users from installing a modified drive and thus playing pirated games. However, social media users are wondering what this means in the long term for console fixes, such as whether Sony will stop the system’s authentication server from working offline in the future. Tweakers have questions about the Internet requirements for the drive in Sony.

Wired wrote an article in 2020 About the DRM systems that Sony and Microsoft use in their consoles to authenticate drives. The drive for your current PS5 has Daughter waved Which plugs into the console’s motherboard, pairing the two devices together. The tech broker then tried swapping drives from two original PS5s, but that didn’t work. This may be in part due to copyright law under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which states that it is illegal to “circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a copyrighted work,” which may include engine firmware. Discs.

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Sony announced the new PS5 console earlier this month. In addition to the removable drive, the console will have a new design and a larger 1TB SSD. The console will be available in the US in November. It will be released in other countries in the following months. The PS5 Digital Edition will cost €450, or €550 for the version that comes with a disc drive. Digital Edition users can also purchase the drive separately later for €120.