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The new Samsung AI TV brings the future to your home - Samsung Newsroom Egypt

The new Samsung AI TV brings the future to your home – Samsung Newsroom Egypt

What if technology could make everyday moments more special and real? Samsung’s latest AI TV integrates technology so seamlessly into people’s lives that they barely notice it.

▲The 8K NQ8 AI Gen3 processor combines AI sound, AI picture, and AI optimization for an immersive viewing experience.

the ITV From Samsung 2024 New QLED 8K QN900Dequipped 8K NQ8 AI Gen3 processorIt is the most powerful processor from Samsung to date, and a neural processor (NPU) that is twice as fast as its predecessor. With eight times the number of neural networks – 512 instead of 64 – the new AI analyzes and optimizes TV content in real time. This ensures the highest image and sound quality and gives viewers the feeling of being in the middle of the action.

Completely immerse yourself in the image using AI technology

Watching a tennis match with Samsung AI TV is like sitting right next to the court. Every serve and every ball feels realistic.

▲ 8K AI Upscaling Pro brings viewers closer to the content.

This immersive experience is possible thanks to… Upgrading 8K AI to a professional level And AI Motion Enhancer Pro. These features sharpen low-resolution images and reduce ball distortion and blur, ensuring every detail is clearly seen.

▲ AI Motion Enhancer Pro uses deep learning to display the precise movement of the ball during the match.

Audio revolution

Realistic audio is just as important – and thanks to AI, conversations are crystal clear, even in noisy environments. Active Subwoofer Pro It distinguishes between voices and background noise and ensures viewers hear only what is important.

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▲ Active Voice Amplifier Pro ensures that dialogues are clearly audible.

When watching a movie with Object Tracking Audio (OTS) ProViewers are no longer spectators: they stand in the characters’ shoes and hear sound from all sides.

▲ OTS Pro puts viewers in the scene so they hear what the characters hear.

Fine tuning effort

to Improving artificial intelligence Viewers can sit back and relax. This feature automatically adjusts your TV settings for the best viewing experience. Gamers also don’t have to worry about picture and sound settings, thanks AI auto game modewhich recognizes game titles and genres and automatically optimizes settings.

▲ AI Auto Game Mode allows users to focus on their gameplay

the AI power mode Saves energy by using sensors that analyze light in the environment to automatically adjust TV brightness. The TV’s processor can also detect on-screen movements and adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

▲ AI Energy Mode adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light.

Samsung Tizen operating system It turns AI TV into more than an entertainment center. The operating system customizes its offerings to users’ personal preferences, while protecting their privacy Samsung Knox.

▲Samsung Tizen OS turns AI TV into a personal entertainment center.

The technology that enriches our lives should remain in the background – present, but not intrusive. And that’s exactly what Samsung’s AI TV does: push the boundaries in terms of picture, sound, personalization and sustainability, while AI does all the work in the background.