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“The new Xbox won't launch until after the next generation PlayStation”

“The new Xbox won't launch until after the next generation PlayStation”

It seems a bit early to speculate about next-gen consoles, although new consoles from Microsoft and Sony are already making the news. Or at least the rumor mill. For example, Moore's Law Is Dead (MLiD) YouTube channel claims that the new Xbox won't appear until after the next-gen PlayStation.

MLiD It has been said by anonymous sources that Microsoft has canceled the mid-gen upgrade for its Xbox Series consoles – codenamed Xbox Elite. However, the technology company AMD was already working on a new chip for the console, the development of which was very advanced.

According to the channel, Microsoft has not yet selected a chipset supplier for its next-gen console. MLiD claims that it is not uncommon for Microsoft to ignore the situation. For example, the publisher will wait longer before making a final decision to finally get a better deal from AMD. However, since no decision has been made yet, MLiD believes that Microsoft may choose Intel this time.

But we have to comment on this, because… Reddit user TakeMeToFatmandu It refers to key details in the massive FTC leak, in which many of Microsoft's internal details were made public. According to the user, the decision on next-generation hardware, with a choice between AMD and ARM, would have been made in the first quarter of 2023, that is, 9 months earlier.

Well, MLiD is also examining Sony's contracts and claims that the publisher is committed to the future. PlayStation 5 Pro chips have already been ordered. Although Sony has not announced the console yet, the device is supposed to be on shelves at the end of 2024.

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Additionally, MLiD claims that AMD already has a contract with Sony to purchase PlayStation 6 hardware. It contains a new console, for which there are no known specifications at the moment. Additionally, Sony is said to be working on an all-new PlayStation Vita-style handheld console.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Sony itself, so take this information with a grain of salt.