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The newcomer scored nine minutes later in the Norwegian Wild game – NRK Sport

– Very good. I am pleased with the performance we are achieving. We know we have a strong sporting advantage. But you don’t know how well you score, national coach Martin Sacren told NRK after the 10-0 defeat against Little Armenia.

He believed Norway could have scored more goals in the first half.

– But in the second half we were a little less in terms of the game, instead we scored goals. We create incredible opportunities. We scored in the last second and won the double digit. Sweden says this is a good start to qualifying.

Caroline Graham Hansen, Norway’s top scorer, thought it was a good match and a definite improvement after the Norwegian women lost 7-0 to the last Dutch international.

– At the same time, Armenia is not a strong team. But we have a good feeling, we need to build it for the next game against Kosovo. We will meet the best teams in the next round. If we feel good about this group, I think it will be easier to create, she says.

“Oh, what am I doing here?”

NRK commentator Christian Nielsen thought before the match that the biggest winner was expectations. Colleague and expert Carl Eric Dorbe fully agreed.

Of all the players who took part in the Ullewal tournament, Guru Berkswand, a newcomer to the national team, was the first to accept their word.

In the almost immaculate meadow of the pleasant autumn, with a long, sometimes busy side, it only took nine minutes to get down to the web.

Referee: Guru Ferchand, during the match against Olimania at Olive Ground on Thursday.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

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During Julie Blackstad’s low and harsh reaction, the ball went through Caroline Graham Hansen and ended at the feet of the newcomer who took the Norwegian lead with ease.

– He started crosswise, then I will. There was some “applause and chat”, but in the end there was a flyer. By then I had not returned my head home. Suddenly he was five meters tall. I thought, “Oh, what am I doing here?” This is what midfielder Bergsbond told NRK about scoring his own goals.

But soon these ideas disappeared. A second later, I deeply explored the driving target that was the start of the goal celebration.

Heckerberg graduated

From there I went from win to win, pass and goal.

This is despite the many weaknesses in Armenian security. But the contradictions were so great that it became the target Norwegian rivalry.

According to Caroline Graham Hanson, this is a leap in the Norwegian score list.

Because in the 28th minute, Norway got a penalty, Barcelona star Graham Hanson. The 26-year-old was confident in his fitness and scored his 39th goal for the Norwegian national team.

Broad smile: A good day to work for Carolyn Graham Hanson and Norway.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Thus, Ada Stolzmo surpassed Heckerberg and reached eighth on Norway’s scoreboard. He joined him and is still an active player scoring more goals for the national team.

Hitting goals with the flag on your chest is always fun and respectful. What I do is help me get the championship and get us there, I’m so proud and happy to be a part of this team, Graham Hanson says of his goal stats.

Kareena Civic closed a good first lap for Norway with a net third goal five minutes before half-time.

Bad character

But the celebration of the goal did not stop there. Because the Norwegian team was on fire as much as it was in the first 45 minutes of the second half.

Within two minutes of the round, Lisa Marie entered the Outland net. Julie Blackstot then scored her first goal with the national team to make it 5-0. Before Graham Hanson and Outland each scored a goal. This is not enough:

Women's World Cup Qualifying: Norway - Armenia

Destination Party: Lisa-Marie Woodland made a big impact at the Norwegian Destination Party with her three online acquaintances.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Record a hat trick to the Outland with the Norwegian flag on the chest.

– It was fun, we have full control, and then there are a lot of messages in the second round, I like it. Then I scored three goals and then in the second half we scored more goals and the outland was packed against NRK after the game.

With the number of extra minutes on the counter, Elizabeth Derland also made the list of points.

In the end, Graham Hansen put the score at 10-0 when he was 39 to 40, which in turn has led to 41 goals for the national team so far.

For example, the Norwegians began qualifying for the 2023 World Championships in Australia and New Zealand.