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The Nintendo Switch Online Store experienced major server problems during the Christmas period

A Nintendo Switch OLED next to a vase.

Photo: nintendo

People all over the country are unloading new Nintendo handhelds, managing their accounts and trying to buy new digital games. But the last few hours Via social mediaThe Nintendo Switch storefront, known as the eShop, was in use and unused. Sometimes it loads albeit slowly. Other times, you can’t reach the strangely slow orange menus to repurchase Mario Kart 8 Unfortunately the third time.

Under error code 2811-7429, the message you’re staring at after some loading issues simply indicates that the console cannot connect to the server and tells you to try again later. Kotaku I’ve contacted Nintendo for more information on when users can expect the service. the The official server website saysWe are currently experiencing issues with our network services.

For the most part this shouldn’t be heel disruptive when it comes to enjoying the console. You can still play all the games you already have, you can’t buy new stuff, download DLC and the like. Granted, you can’t redeem gift cards either, which will likely be a nuisance to anyone who got them as gifts this morning. Maybe that’s a lot of people, right? Lots of people are uploading and re-uploading definitely hoping that something has changed this time around… oh, that might have been for a while.

But for people who can give gifts or buy physical toys, if things aren’t pre-downloaded before packaging, you’ll probably be fine. Everyone else: Honestly, things like this happen almost every year on at least one of the consoles or one of the big games. I know it’s annoying now and probably will be all day. Definitely cut off servers. Do you think to spend time with your family or something?

Or, if you like a good read: our suggestion for The best Nintendo Switch games, and the The cream crop is now sold by console. You know, when the store comes back.

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