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The number of homeless people in Germany has almost doubled in one year  outside

The number of homeless people in Germany has almost doubled in one year outside

The number of homeless people in Germany has increased significantly. An estimate by the Federal Association for Aid to the Homeless (BAG W) shows that as of June 30, 2022, 447,000 people in Germany did not have a roof over their heads. That’s almost double compared to 2021, when 268,000 people were homeless.

According to the association, this increase is due to several factors, such as the increase in the number of refugees, especially from Ukraine, who do not have housing. Among German homeless people there was an increase of 5 percent, while among non-German homeless people there was an increase of 118 percent.

The reasons people become homeless are varied. According to calculations, the majority of non-German homeless people had no housing in Germany at all.

Among homeless people with German citizenship, most lost their homes due to eviction (57 percent). Other important factors included rent and energy debt (21 percent), conflicts in their living environment (20 percent), and separation or divorce (16 percent).

Inflation, rising costs and rising rents are putting pressure on low-income households, points out Werina Rosinke, Director of BAG W. “This leads to (energy) poverty, rental debt and homelessness,” she says. Low-income individuals, single parents, and couples with many children are particularly at risk.

BAG W also includes people living in emergency shelters or temporarily staying with friends or family in the numbers. So this does not mean that all these people live on the streets.

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