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The number of new ‘currencies’ that has never been in the United States, here’s why

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In memory culture, “Karen” refers to a short-sighted, awkward, middle-aged white female stereotype that annoys everyone. The kind of sour that screams for the boss in the supermarket when the cashier does something he doesn’t like.

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The Internet memory has been around for years, but earlier this year it became very popular because of its “white privilege” of using the stereotype of a painful, angry, or racist middle-class American white woman.

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Fewer and fewer currencies will call the boss in the supermarket in the future, because last year the popularity of the first name fell unprecedented. In the list of the most popular first names in the United States, ‘Karen’ dropped from 660th to 831st – the lowest level of the name since 1927. In particular, in 2020, 325 girls were born in the United States under the name ‘Karen’. In 1965, when “Karen” was the third most popular name for newborns, it was 33,000.