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The number of new deaths is dropping a little again, infections ...

The number of new deaths is dropping a little again, infections …

After a week-long rise, the number of deaths from the Coronavirus has decreased slightly again. This is evidenced by the latest epidemiological report from the Sciensano Health Institute on Saturday. The number of new infections and the percentage of positivity continue to rise.

Between April 7 and 13, an average of 39.4 people died a day from infection with the new coronavirus, a decrease of 4 percent compared to the previous week. Since the start of the epidemic, 23,681 people have already died from the fallout from the Coronavirus.

From April 7 to 13, an average of 3,755 people were infected with the virus daily, 4 percent more than the previous week. The province of Liège is experiencing strong growth (+ 22 percent), in Limburg the number of confirmed cases increased by 17 percent in a week. In total, 943,213 people have already been infected.

Reproduction number, based on hospital names, is 0.939.

The number of tests performed continues to decrease, with an average of 44,130 (-10 percent) tests each day during the same period. Positivity increased by 1.6 percent to 9.8 percent. The number of positive tests among teens remains high, at 14.3 percent. In all other age groups, this percentage fluctuates around 10 percent. It’s only slightly lower among those over the age of 65, at 7.7 percent.

More than 10 percent of positive tests were recorded in all Walloon counties, with a peak of 13.7 percent in Hino and 13.3 percent in Namur. Limburg is the only Flemish province that exceeds this threshold (10.2 per cent), while East Flanders is just below (9.6 per cent).

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Between April 10 and 16, an average of 236.3 people were hospitalized daily, a decrease of 6%. There are now 3,015 patients in hospitals, of whom 923 are in intensive care. Intensive care use by Covid patients is highest in Brussels (57 percent), followed by Hino (56 percent) and Namur (55 percent).

Meanwhile, 2,204,943 citizens received a first injection, or 19.2 percent of the total population. 696,692 people have already been fully vaccinated, or 6.1 percent of the total population. On this map you can see how things are developing in your municipality.