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The number of new priests in France rises by a quarter

The number of new priests in France rises by a quarter

In France, 115 new priests will be ordained this summer, a quarter more than in 2023. This is completely against the trend in Europe. Last year there were only 88 new priests in our southern neighbours. In France, new priests are usually ordained on the last or penultimate Sunday in June.

Is there an explanation?

According to the census of the French Bishops’ Conference, this concerns 73 diocesan priests, 35 religious or members of priestly associations, three members of apostolic institutes and four priests ordained in traditional institutes.

The first thing you notice is the geographic imbalance. Large parts of the French countryside are “dry”. There are only three ordinations in the entire north, and none in the densely populated diocese of Lille. In Burgundy, the Rhône, the Auvergne, or the whole southwest, the “harvest” is very poor, compared with other regions of Europe. But in the city of Paris there are sixteen ordination.


The Archdiocese of Paris – the area located roughly around the French capital – alone is receiving six new priests. This is the same number as the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon in southern France. A few years ago, Rome investigated the policy of Bishop Domenic Rey because he ordained seminarians rejected elsewhere or members of questionable movements, often without remaining in the seminary. The ordinations were temporarily suspended there, and he became bishop last November François died (One of the ordination princes of our Archbishop Luke Terlinden) He was appointed assistant to Fréjus-Toulon by the Pope. Female painters resumed.

This year, six new Jesuit priests will be added to the religious orders and congregations, compared to just one for the Dominicans and two for the Premonstratensians. This is also striking: in France, the ancient Society of Jesus continues to attract young people.

Priests in cassock

The most exciting number remains the twenty new priests in the new movements. The Saint-Martin community is the largest again this year: nine priests will be added in 2024. Chemin-Neuf has three and the Emmanuel community has two.

San Martin focuses on the more traditional aspects of the liturgy, with priests dressed as priests and often celebrating Mass in Latin, with Gregorian chant with their backs to the people. They now work in thirty parishes, usually in parishes where they live in small communities of two or three. Its appeal is great among young people who have grown up in highly conformist environments.

He added: “For the vocation to arise, we need examples of local priests who love to be priests and serve the faithful.” Bertrand LacombeArchbishop of Osh told the newspaper Lacroix. After years marked by a serious abuse crisis within the Church, the French episcopate wants to place greater emphasis on the essential role of priests in the life of the Church.