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The panga list was discovered at Maple's retirement home

The panga list was discovered at Maple's retirement home

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MapleBingo evening. Card game. Then suddenly: panga lists. The shocking discovery came as a shock to staff at the Avondrud Senior Citizens Complex in Maple.

The peaceful existence of a care home was suddenly disrupted last week when a group of mischievous residents prepared a secret PowerPoint presentation. Under the title Avondrod's enchanted ancestors The display included photos of male residents, complete with cheeky comments about their appearance and perceived sexual prowess.

“You can see Willem still has some fire in his eyes, I think he could have a wild night with a blue pill in it,” one comment read, while another picture was accompanied by the text: “Gerard might have dentures.” But his toothless smile works wonders for the ladies.”

Rumors spread through the nursing home as residents wonder in whispers who is behind the harmful list. Some speculate that the list is the work of the infamous “Card Club,” while others whisper that the “Bingo Group” had a hand in it.

The nursing home director distances himself from the elderly's rude behavior. “This does not represent the atmosphere in our house at all,” he said. “Our residents live in a calm and respectful way with each other. It may seem very heated, but that is not what we stand for as a healthcare organization.

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