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“The perception of the national team is suddenly about to get really bad.” |  Red Devils

“The perception of the national team is suddenly about to get really bad.” | Red Devils

He has long been admired by Belgian fans, but public opinion is now increasingly turning against national coach Roberto Martinez.

“The players love him,” former goalkeeper Wim de Koninck told De Tribune. “He’s very much appreciated not only as a person but also as a tactician, also because he can put people on edge.”

“But I think with the World Cup approaching, he still doubts whether he should implement innovations, especially in defence. Does he still have time for that?”

“After the previous World Cup, it was already said that only this defense would work, and that was assuming that Vermaelen would continue to play. Now it remains virtogen and Alderfeld, who are clearly older.”

“Just nobody presents themselves as a new kompany, whereas you would need someone like that to finish the World Cup.”

The matches against Poland (2x) and Wales seem much less important than the matches against the Netherlands, but De Coninck sees it differently. “They can’t go out again.”

“The Devils would have been honed, not by Martinez, but by expectations in Belgium. Imagine the national team suddenly threatening to get so bad, while always so positive.”

“There is only a little bit of goodwill left for the Red Devils. Now they have to correct that.”

“I would say to Martinez: Take some risks with De Ketelaere or Théate. We have already been excluded from the League of Nations, so to speak.”

“This isn’t really a risk, by the way. These guys should get the opportunity they deserve, but they also have to get credit.”

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