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The phenomenal Lotte Kobeki beats the anime Van Vleuten to win the Stradit Pianch |  Stradit Pianche (Women) 2022

The phenomenal Lotte Kobeki beats the anime Van Vleuten to win the Stradit Pianch | Stradit Pianche (Women) 2022

The eighth women’s edition broke out in Tuscany after the sixth pebble stretch (of the 8th) of the day. Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx) proved there that she had good legs and took off on her own.

To anticipate as it turned out, the chase group with Annemiek van Vleuten (Movistar) and Katia Niewiadoma (Canyon-SRAM) among others made the connection on the penultimate gravel bar.

Don’t Tulf, the last gravel stretch, promised to cut hard and he did. Double award winner Van Vleuten demonstrated her climbing abilities, and several riders had to pass. Only Kopecky managed to hold out and once again proved that the Dutch great powers should definitely keep an eye on them.

Van Vleuten set off with Kopecky towards Siena. On the way to the Italian city, a group with Marianne Voss, Demi Follering and Elisa Longo Borghini headed towards the second group.

The final steep ascent to Piazza del Campo will also decide this year. Just before the foot of Santa Caterina Road, the people were still returning, the twelve of them began to return, in addition to Fullering also Mollmann to support Chief Kubiki.

Van Vleuten immediately pressed the group during the climb and once again Kubicki was able to catch up, Mullmann in third. The Dutch set the pace and Kubicki did everything to stay at the wheel.

They got together and then Kubiki played the tactical game. Entering the last corner, I positioned well so you could dive into the last straight point in the lead and the Belgian champion pulled off that too.

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Kopecky was able to fend off Van Vleuten and cross the finish line in Piazza del Campo with great pride and loud shouting. She is the first ever Belgian female rider to win and instantly booked the biggest jockeys victory in her career. Last year’s misfortune was forgotten in Tuscany.