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The Pirate Party has one seat left in the European Parliament – IT Pro – .Geeks

The Pirate Party in Germany did not win enough votes in the European elections to hold a seat in the European Parliament. Only one member of the party remains in parliament in the whole of Europe.

According to European Parliament member Patrick Breyer, the Pirate Party in Germany received 186,000 votes. This is not enough to get a seat. “The fact that the Pirate Party will not be represented in the European Parliament is a disaster for our digital rights,” Breyer wrote. On X And Mastodon.

The Pirate Party will not completely disappear from the European Parliament. Czech Markéta Gregorová announced on social media She was re-elected. Grigorova will be the Pirate Party’s sole representative in the European Parliament for the next five years. During the previous elections, the Czech Pirate Party managed to obtain three seats.

The Pirate Party is an active political movement in many countries that focuses on issues such as digital rights, government transparency, privacy, copyright and patent law reform, and promoting freedom of access to information. The party emerged in Sweden in 2006, but has since found support in several other countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands.

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