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"The podcast studio looks bigger than it is"

“The podcast studio looks bigger than it is”

Noun Elger van der Wel

age 31

spirits in Utrecht

He is: Freelancer in the media world

Around 2005, the podcast noise came from the US, and I was immediately interested. At that time, as a student, I was very involved in Internet radio. In my student room I had a mixing desk with microphones. Then came the podcast, and I thought: Oh, that’s cool, then I can record it and put it online. So I started. A year later, the hype was over. Audio broadcasts have been around for several years now. My love for her has not completely disappeared. When I saw him again, I knew right away: It’s good to do something again.

“I started, again, with a pair of microphones and a tape recorder. It quickly got more serious. Companies asked me to create their podcast series on commission, and I had a number of podcasts myself. That’s when I decided I really wanted my studio. It’s easy to use And, of course, pretty cool. I gave up my co-working space for my own office, to build a studio.”

“It looks bigger than it is, like this studio. They’re basically nice standard mics on some sort of kitchen table. The space is adjacent to three thick outer walls and is almost completely insulated. There’s acoustic material in the inner wall. There’s a kind of airlock between Office and studio to block out noise.If a fighter plane flies or a helicopter flies overhead, you can hear it.This can be prevented, but then you have to room in room going to build. It is almost impossible to completely isolate the sound.”

“The empty space sounds horrible, acoustically, to record in, so I put in various insulating and anti-infective materials. It’s at the back of the cabinet, against the wall, under the table, so you can’t see it. There’s also a sofa with sound-absorbing cushion material. I bought Upholstered seating. All of these things insulate the sound. What I didn’t want was a studio that looked like a studio.”

“Space has two functions. On the other hand, I host a number of podcasts recorded here. I do the presentation, but also editing and technology. But I also rent the space to companies. Sometimes they rent the space and do everything themselves, and upon request I also take care of the content of their files.” Audio and present too. Anything is possible. There was just a request. “Hey, can you make a podcast?” I can’t quite live off of it yet, but it’s a great way to make money.”