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The president of Tanzania has not been seen in public for two weeks

Tanzanian President John McFuley has not been seen in public for more than two weeks. The so-called populist leader, who thinks many corona activities are exaggerated, is generally unavoidable on state television. But he has not appeared on television since Feb. 27, and the president has not attended public meetings.

It is rumored among Tanzanians that Makufuli has contracted the corona virus and is seriously ill. Vice President Samia Suluhu yesterday sought to quell unrest in the country. The East African nation is safe, he told a crowd, but nothing was said about the president’s position.

“It is normal for a person to be tested, often for colds and flu or whatever,” he said. “This is an important time for Tanzanians to be united. This is not the time to ask for confusing or divisive external information.”


Still, the situation around the 61-year-old president seems to be making officials nervous. The BBC reports that police have arrested four people in recent days for “spreading rumors on social media”.

Last week, Prime Minister Majaliwa said Makhfuli was fine and that he was busy. The prime minister called for rumors of a “hate” of the president’s position on Tanzanians abroad. That explanation did not greatly benefit the Tanzanian people.

Opposition leader Tundu Lisu, who was deported to Belgium after losing the October election to Magufuli, said on social media that the president was in a bad condition. He was taken to a private hospital in Kenya for his corona infection and was reportedly taken to India in a coma for further treatment.

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Irritability at the WHO

Tanzania’s approach has caused great frustration at the World Health Organization. The country stopped holding data on the corona virus in May last year. Then there were 509 infections and 21 deaths at the counter. The U.S. embassy in Tanzania had previously sounded the alarm, fearing that health agencies would no longer have the number of infections. To manage.

Magufuli, a former chemistry teacher, previously said he had not seen anything in the corona tests and opposed keeping distance and wearing a mouth mask, adding that vaccines were “a Western conspiracy to take away Africa’s wealth.” He said he believed Tanzania would be protected by God and resources such as steam inhalation.