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Druk op ziekenhuizen slinkt gestaag, aantal besmettingen met coronavirus stagneert

The pressure on hospitals is steadily decreasing, and the number of injuries is …

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Photo: Fred DeBrock

The pressure of the Corona pandemic on hospitals continues to decline steadily. An average of 205.6 Corona patients were received daily between April 22-28. That’s 15 percent less than the previous period, according to preliminary figures released by the Sciensano Health Institute.

In total, there are currently 2,809 patients (-9 percent) In Belgian hospitals. The downward trend also continues at a slower pace in intensive care units: 886 (-5 percent) still have Covid-19.

the number of Death cases Slightly rose. Between April 19 and 25, an average of 39.9 people died a day from illness, an increase of 3.3 percent compared to the previous seven-day period. In total, the Coronavirus has already killed 24,140 people.

The number of casualties is stagnant

He. She The number of injuries Meanwhile it snaps. Between April 19 and 25, an average of 3,482 people tested positive for Covid-19 per day. This is almost the same as in the previous period. About 44,100 tests were performed daily. Meanwhile, positivity continues to decline cautiously, now to 8.8%. The reproduction rate is now 0.89, a number less than 1 indicating that the epidemic is slowing down.

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