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The public space at Weesp serves as an obstacle course

The public space at Weesp serves as an obstacle course


WEESP – Part of the public space in Aetsveld, and perhaps later also in the rest of Weesp, has recently been renovated or modernized. However, people with disabilities are not taken into account, as Sabina Barsma begins her email to us.

Sabina Barsma wishes them strength by saying: “I sympathize with you.” She told us: “Weesp's public space as an obstacle course is a fun challenge if you have good mobility. Good for multi-functional movement too: crouching for low branches, turning sideways while staying on the sidewalk for high-hanging greenery, etc. that.

However, Baarsma wonders how to do this if you have difficulty walking. For example, if you walk using a walker or have to move around in a wheelchair. How do you get past all those bushes or unkempt hedges, or over raised sidewalks, or how do you get past that lamppost in the middle of the sidewalk? Weesp is currently full of shared scooters. They often stand in the middle of the sidewalk or even on the guide tape for the blind.

“Public spaces are available to everyone, so please make them accessible to everyone! Please take each other into account. And if the municipality of Amsterdam is not able to do this, pay attention to your colleague and offer to help if you deem it necessary,” is Baarsma's appeal to the Whisper family.