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The Queen is at work again as a safe funeral from Corona ...

The Queen is at work again as a safe funeral from Corona …

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth returns to work, Tuesday, four days after the death of her husband. Meanwhile, preparations have begun for the funeral of the recently deceased Prince Philip. This will continue according to the established Corona procedures.

The British Queen is back at work. Less than a week after Prince Philip’s death, she again carried out her royal duties on Tuesday. She attended a ceremony that day to officially begin the retirement of Lord Chamberlain William Bell, the oldest civil servant in her family.

There is no support bubble for the Queen

Although accommodations have started in England, strict rules remain in place regarding Coronavirus for funerals. According to these rules, only families may sit together, unless the family consists of one person. In this case, that person may resort to a ‘support bubble’.

However, this rule does not cover the Queen because her family is still made up of more than one person. Such as Watchman It seems very unlikely that she will have someone to accompany her to the funeral. In all likelihood, a member of Windsor Castle staff will be permitted to sit with her.

30 masked forbidden to sing

As previously announced, it will be an A strict funeral Something that Prince Philip himself wanted. Only thirty people are allowed to attend the funeral and all of them must wear masks. Singing is also not allowed. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced that he will not attend the funeral to make room for a family member. Prince Harry’s grandson has already learned that he will be flying from the United States for the ceremony. His wife Meghan Markle wouldn’t do that because she was advised not to fly due to her pregnancy.

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According to the rules of Corona, only professional singers are allowed to sing, and for a maximum of three people. Prince Philip didn’t want a big funeral, either.

The funeral will take place on Saturday 17 April at 3 pm local time (4 pm Belgian time). The current period of national mourning ends, with flags hung across the half-mast in all British government buildings, after the funeral.

Prince Philip has been married to Queen Elizabeth II for 73 years. Thus they were the longest married couple in the history of the British royal family. The couple had four children, eight grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.