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The Red Devils in the hardest half of the table?  "Proof that mathematics is for losers" |  European Football Championship 2020

The Red Devils in the hardest half of the table? “Proof that mathematics is for losers” | European Football Championship 2020

The Red Devils’ path to the European Championship final looks very difficult, while Denmark – seeded 2 in the Belgians’ group – offers an easier path with their eighth final against Wales.

“Did the Red Devils get it wrong?” asked Karl Vannokerke at Villa Spurza. “You can’t count on the European Championship,” Wesley Sonk suggested. “But I think two numbers are clearly against each other.”

“Is this a penalty to get 9 out of 9 in the group stage and win the group? You should play against Portugal in the eighth finals,” Sonk said.

According to Frank Boyks, the Red Devils now have an important mission. “They have to prove once and for all that mathematics is for losers,” he said with a wide smile.

The Netherlands, England and Germany are in the most favorable right half of the table, but this does not guarantee success, according to analysts. “It won’t be that easy,” warns Sonk. “Of course you can’t say that about Germany and England after the group stage.”

Anyway, the dice are rolled and the Red Devils have to compete against outgoing European champions Portugal. “Today’s performance will decide,” says Gert Verhein.

“If you look at the sum of individual traits, the bill for Portugal is big. But they play with anticipation. Then you tend to think that it’s possible.”

“The best Belgium could beat Portugal anyway. Although the Portuguese learned lessons from their defeat against Germany. They wouldn’t hit the same stone twice.

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