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The renewed BFT portal provides space for explaining the auditor’s report.

The renewed BFT portal provides space for explaining the auditor’s report.


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The updated DiginBFT portal will be further improved. The application will soon provide space for further clarification of data issued by accountants.

the Innovations The digital portal of the Financial Supervision Bureau (BFT) would improve ease of use for notaries and bailiffs. Send these financial statements periodically to BFT, via DiginBFT. Accountants do this regularly as well, upon request by notaries.

BFT has been rolling out a new version of the DiginBFT portal since January 2022, in response to feedback about ease of use. This occurred in phases to collect user experiences and implement improvements. A new series of amendments will be made from July 1, 2024.

Auditor reports

In the modified portal, some questions were clarified, pop-up windows were added, and explanations were expanded. Incorrect amounts are prevented from being accidentally entered, including through built-in accuracy checks, according to BFT.

In addition, users can also explain the audit reports issued. The application can indicate whether the figures have been provided by the accountant with the auditor’s report or valuation report and whether the matter relates to an IDS office, to which different size standards apply.

A potential going concern paragraph may also be noted in the auditor’s report issued.

Source: BFT

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