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The Rings of Power – IT Pro – .Geeks . series from Amazon Heat

I still don’t understand what you’re trying to discuss with this, other than the fact that since you can’t find “similar material” from the LOTR series staff, they probably won’t be able to?

I never state it, I’m only pointing out that it looks that way based on the pictures I’ve seen, because I can’t immediately find material that convinces me as much as it does with the examples you gave. With these examples you can say “Yes, that’s a really good actor.”

Perhaps the LOTR series is the means some actors are using to finally make their mark on something and some new “supporting actors” have emerged.
Bryan Cranston is famous for being a cowardly father on a comedy series.

I can do that too Nowhere Assuming that’s not the case In the realm of possibilities Lying.

Practically no one has ever heard of Travis Fimmel before Vikings. It doesn’t say much about this cast’s past experience; They will undoubtedly be professionals.

In this example, it was more about what kind of performance he had and how impressed he was. In addition, I have not stated anywhere that this cannot happen to these actors in the series, but based on what I have seen of them, I do not immediately expect that. But just like Bryan Cranston, the cast can suddenly surprise in a new role.

It is clear that Amazon found the LOTR series presentation to be the best after a long series of interviews and presentations. I find it a little unreasonable to put it on the floor now.

Sorry, but you’re really twisting my words here, where exactly did you kick someone on the floor? I’ve only suggested that bidders on such an ambitious project have a meager list of previous projects. I never said they didn’t do anything about it.

Not currently. But I also find it a bit difficult to judge only 8 episodes that were produced in a difficult period and where the viewer also says that Covid made a huge difference to the production ;) Seems a little unfair to me.

Sorry but excuse COVID doesn’t apply to me when creating a string, you have Extension Watch the awesome final season stand out, which was also filmed during this time and you don’t really notice. The second season of The Witcher was much better than the first season, as filmed during the COVID period.

Have you already seen it yourself?

Not yet, but those are the impressions I’ve seen from the internet. I can’t judge it for myself, but the impressions were very different, one very negative, one more or less satisfied, the other thought it was great entertainment.

The series you mentioned is “10/10” material and classic; I dare give WoT 7.5 with this context. This is far from a “big insufficiency”.

Breaking Bad’s budget of over 62 episodes was approximately $3.1 million USD per episode. Total US$195 million.
The total budget for the LOTR trilogy was $280 million
The total budget of Band of Brothers is $125 million

With a first season budget of $80M for 9 episodes, you can expect something high, but I don’t think the big hype in The Wheel of Time is too high, at least no one in my area has heard of this series and I’ve also noticed very little online attraction. .

We’ll see of course. But your cup is too half empty

However, there are quite a few things that can disappoint me, and that makes a difference.

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