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The Samsung Galaxy A50 will continue to receive the update from … April

Samsung falls into the ‘delay is better than no delay’ category Galaxy A50 April Update. It’s the first security update since the major upgrade to Android 11.

Galaxy A50 update: Patch Van April 2021

The Android 11 upgrade on Galaxy A50. Then it came with the security patch for the same month. Since then, things have been quiet on the update front for a long time, and the April correction seems to bypass Samsung entirely. To everyone’s surprise – or at least to us – it turned out that was not the case. Meanwhile, the A50 will still receive the correction from last month.

The update over 154MB includes the firmware version A505FNXXU7CUD5, which improves two things on the Galaxy A50. So first, there’s the newer security patch, From April. It consists of 43 Google fixes for Android, and 21 security enhancements for Samsung’s own program. Applications like Secure Folder, Video editor, in Poster Center Updated.

The change list included in the update also indicates that the Bluetooth connection has been improved and is becoming more stable. If you have encountered issues with this since the Android 11 upgrade, these are now resolved.