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The solution to optimize available space

The solution to optimize available space

As population density increases within cities, the demand for smart solutions to optimize available space is increasing. The 125 mm thick wall system, which meets sound insulation and fire safety standards, can separate rooms in apartments, apartments and hotels.

Introducing the Slim Wall System comes from Knauf. The company notes that the usable surface area (GBO) of buildings can be significantly improved. “Compared to a typical 205 mm thick partition wall, the gain is 8 centimetres, or 40 square meters for 100 residential units. This means 40 square meters more for sale or rent or less total floor area,” Knauf said.

Slim wall system

The Knauf MaxSpace system consists of a standard CW-50 profile with coir felt on both sides and an additional steel flange. Plasterboard can be mounted on this. Coir felt provides sound insulation through acoustic separation, so sound does not travel directly through the wall studs.


Biological and lesser materials are used: three fewer linear meters of steel per square meter and one square meter of glass wool per square meter. Noise and fire performance comply with EI60. Many finishing companies, contractors and suppliers have been involved in developing this system, including Bot Bouw, MAT Afbouw, Steelframe and Wouters Totaal Afbouw. Knauf is currently studying the possibility of using the system on a larger scale in the future.

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