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The Strijkviertel business park will soon create space for 1,900 jobs

lakes – Strijkviertel Business Park in De Meern will soon occupy space for about 1,900 jobs, mainly at the MBO level. This is stated in the urban development plan adopted by the municipality of Utrecht.

New jobs are needed to allow employment in the municipality to grow as the population increases. In the near future, the park should primarily contain space for sustainable building and energy, ICT companies, laboratories, start-ups, innovators, and small entertainment businesses.

The municipality wants to continue to link learning and work and has requested assistance from three MBOs for this. They will think with the creation of a business park. In the end, a secondary (temporary) vocational education facility must also be set up in Strijkviertel.


The municipality also wants to create a green, water-rich environment to make the area more attractive for off-hours recreation. “Work, sports, leisure, green spaces and mobility can be combined in this way and ensure maximum interconnection in the area,” the city council said in the letter.

But due to new building plans, nature also had to give way: a large loach was found in the area, a fish protected by the Nature Conservation Act. According to the city council, there will not be enough space for a good lively revival in the near future, so an alternative place is being sought in the city.

limited space

Due to limited space, the city council wants companies to share various functions such as loading and unloading streets and parking lots. “This leads to efficient and versatile use of space and gives an extra boost to the circular development.”

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An environmental plan is expected to be adopted in the second half of next year. If all goes according to plan after that, the first pieces will be available in 2023.

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