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The Taliban is asking for help from the international community

The Taliban is asking for help from the international community

A Taliban spokesman in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz called on the international community to increase aid to the country. He said the Taliban would “warmly welcome” the aid, before also stressing that the country’s Muslim rulers are not terrorists.

Spokesman Mutiullah Rouhani said the aid could take the form of investments or reconstruction projects “or any kind of humanitarian assistance to the Afghan government or citizens”. He added that the Taliban “would warmly welcome assistance.”

The Taliban captured Kunduz last month. A rapid advance followed and the movement eventually took control of the entire country. The last US troops left Afghanistan in late August, ending a nearly two-decade military mission.

human rights

Rouhani has criticized the international community for supporting what he believes is the “corrupt government” in Afghanistan that has ruled over the past two decades. “The Taliban have brought peace to Afghanistan,” he said.

Governments around the world are considering how best to deal with Afghanistan’s new rulers. The Taliban has a poor human rights record, which casts doubt on donors. Since the takeover, the country has again reported banning women and girls from public life and schools.

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