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The unconsecrated Heuvels Church gets a second life at St. Catherine's Church (Stabroek)

The unconsecrated Heuvels Church gets a second life at St. Catherine’s Church (Stabroek)

Jay Cjörnleisens, Robert van Wiesenbeck and Alex © w & f


Hillside Church has been desecrated for several years now. Since then, the space is used mainly for cultural activities. The ecclesiastical features of the chapel were transferred to the main chapel.

In the 1930s, Reverend Artes wanted to build a chapel. This was believed to be necessary because strong population growth was to be expected in the Heuvels area and because the distance to the main church was too great. Architect A. Van den Berg on the plans and on September 24, 1939 the church was consecrated by Monsignor Van Kouenberg, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Mechelen in the presence of, among others, the Mayor of Stabrück, Count Karel Moretus.

Head of the Church Council Guy Cornelissens (80): “Although the church is no longer a place of worship, it still radiates the history of the Stabrook Church. It must not be lost. This is how the idea of ​​copying the fresco by Maurice de Vogt to Sint- grew Catharinakerk. The Eucharist and Stations of the Cross by the artist Berndrich Benn Vermaelen also moved from the chapel to the main chapel.”

Miniature version of the Hillside Church.

Miniature version of the Hillside Church. © w & f

The Hillside Chapel is of particular interest to Guy Cornelisians. “As a 7-year-old, I became the altar boy here. My mother also played the organ there for many years during the Eucharistic ceremonies.”

Artist Alex Cornelissens: “I used stencil graphics to transfer the mural. This art form uses stencils, which are then applied in this case to the church wall. The starting point was of course the church. I edited the back wall pictures with the mural on the computer. This was necessary because Due to the lack of wall space in the main church. I have adjusted the size of the figures through a special program.”

The consecration of the side chapel will take place on Sunday, May 29, after the Eucharistic celebration at 11 a.m. During a reception, you can meet artist Alex Cornelissen and the special method he used for the mural in the church. (evdw)

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