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The United States and Russia have agreed to provide assistance to Syria

With significant compromise, the United States and Russia have extended humanitarian aid to Syria.

UN calls for resolution on opening last humanitarian route to Syria The Security Council unanimously approved. About a thousand lorries pass through the Bab al-Hawa border between Turkey and Syria. The site is home to 2.4 million civilians in the province of Idlib, the last rebel stronghold against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

We hope this could be a turning point.

Vasily Nebensia

Russian Ambassador to the UN

The resolution was significant because observers thought Russia would veto it. After all, Moscow supports the regime in Damascus and wanted to cut off the last humanitarian livelihood for Idlib in order to bring the rebels to their knees. According to the Russians, all aid must go through the Assad regime. The current arrangement expired on Saturday.

Historical compromise

However, Russia and the United States have reached an agreement on expanding the aid mechanism over time. Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia called the compromise “historic.” “It shows that when there is a need, we can work together when we want to,” he said. “We hope this could be a turning point.”

Nepensia noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin recently met with his US envoy to Geneva in Geneva. Biden later stressed the importance of helping Syria. He warned that cooperation with Moscow in other areas would suffer if Putin continued to oppose it.

“Parents can sleep tonight with the knowledge that their children will be fed for the next 12 months,” said Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the United States’ ambassador to the United Nations. The compromise went less than the United States expected. They wanted to open two border crossings with Turkey and one Iraq. Nevertheless, Thomas-Greenfield spoke of a ‘victory’. “We wanted more, but we certainly didn’t want less.”

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