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The United States has warned against Kaspersky antivirus software following an attack by Russia

Kaspersky’s software has already been leaked to some US companies in late February on a confidential basis. Suggests that Reuters In terms of senior government employees. Under pressure from the Kremlin sounded the alarm, which could harm Russian Kaspersky companies.

With warnings, the United States wants to protect vital infrastructure against cyber-attacks such as energy and water supply and telecommunications. “Risk analysis has changed because of the conflict in Ukraine,” said an unnamed government official. “The risk has increased.”

Earlier this week, the US regulator FCC Kaspersky was added to the blacklist Companies that pose a risk to national security.

Kaspersky says the allegations are ‘unfair’

In a speech last week, US President Joe Biden said he had already taken into account retaliation from Russia over Western sanctions. The White House did not elaborate on those warnings.

A spokesman for Kaspersky said the U.S. interpretation of the risks of Kaspersky software would “damage the reputation of the company” without “allowing the company to respond directly to such concerns.” According to a spokesman, this is “not relevant or fair”.

Germany also warned

Kaspersky is one of the largest Internet security companies in the world and is a leading antivirus software provider. The company was founded in 1997 by Eugene and Natalia Kaspersky, both former Soviet intelligence operatives.

Two weeks ago And advised Customers of PSI, the German intelligence agency of the Russian security firm Kaspersky, have to choose another supplier of antivirus software. The company warned that the Russian government could use companies in cyber attacks.

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