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The United States is concerned about China’s rapid progress in artificial intelligence research

Warning bells in Washington: The United States surpasses the United States in research on artificial intelligence (AI). Both powers have been fighting for “AI supremacy” in research for this technology for many years.

Why is this important?

Last year, Chinese researchers were cited in artificial intelligence studies more than their American counterparts, which reflects the quality of research. Until recently, however, Americans were far ahead of the rest of the world in AI research.

One of the main reasons why China plays a leading role in AI research is the amount of data available to the Chinese. By 2030, 8 billion devices in China will be connected to the Internet and generate a large amount of data for AI research, Nikki Asia writes for the Japanese business newspaper.

In addition, China sees artificial intelligence as a way to tackle the growing labor shortage China’s population is beginning to decline, Said Weilin Zhao, a researcher at the Itochu Institute of Research in Japan.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is already being used in a variety of industries and is already affecting a country’s competitiveness and overall security.

Former Google CEO warns

The U.S. Commission on Artificial Intelligence, led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, warned that China could lose its place on the US stage in March. The United States must now figure out how to respond to this new challenge and what its global impact will be An AI race Will be.

Bron: Nikki Asia.

Since last year, 20.7 percent of all AI studies have cited Chinese researchers. According to Stanford University, U.S. researchers are down 19.8 percent from that level.

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China has published 240,000 educational documents in AI since 2012. The United States “alone” receives 150,000 releases. Chinese studies especially specialize in AI technology, which can create photo recognition and photos.

Is global conflict over AI standards inevitable?

It is clear that the United States is now openly concerned about the rapid rise of artificial intelligence in China. U.S. companies have already denied Chinese companies access to some sensitive data in order to block the growth of those companies’ AI applications.

If the two powers continue to develop their own AI formats, a global conflict over competing standards around technology may be inevitable.

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