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The United States is considering providing ‘comicase drones’ to Ukraine

The United States is considering providing ‘comicase drones’ to Ukraine

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The US government is considering providing Ukraine with advanced switchboard drones known as comicase drones. NBC News reports. Such drones can target Russian tanks with great accuracy from miles away.


There are two types of Switchblade drones: Switchblade 300 for attacks on soldiers and Switchblade 600 for attacks on armored vehicles. Both drones are smart robots loaded with explosives, which use cameras and sophisticated systems to fly towards their target and then detonate themselves. Like a comic book.

They can certainly only be used once, but the advantage is that they are much cheaper than Hellfire missiles fired by heavier Reaper drones. For example, the Switchblade 300 costs only $ 6,000 (approximately ,500 5,500). According to experts, such drones could cause great damage to Russian troops who are unable to control Ukrainian airspace.


However, it is unclear how many Switchblade drones are in stock in the United States, how quickly manufacturer AeroVironment will be able to develop new ones and how much training will be required to teach Ukrainians to use drones.

It is said that the US government has not yet decided on a possible distribution, fearing that the conflict between Russia and NATO will escalate further.

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