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The United States wants North Korea to hold talks with North Korea after the missile launch

The United States today condemned North Korea for launching two missiles. A foreign ministry spokesman says the United States is interested in reaching a diplomatic settlement with North Korea.

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles, It ended up in Japanese water, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK. This is the first test of such missiles in March and thereafter The second rocket launch in a week. North Korea says this is a response to South Korean and US military exercises.

South Korea responded verbally on Wednesday and responded with its own missile launch for the first time. The submarine fired ballistic missiles underwater. Inaugurated by President Moon Jae-in. Moon said this should deter North Korea.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in. P EPA

A U.S. spokesman says the announcements are against agreements made at the United Nations. But we are committed to a diplomatic solution and are eager to negotiate with North Korea.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihit Suu Kyi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in reacted angrily to the launch. Moon wanted the UN Security Council to convene to discuss North Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yoo Jong responded angrily to the plans, saying “this slander will worsen the relationship.”

UN launches latest North Korean missile strike “Diplomatic engagement is the only way to lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula and a complete, verifiable nuclear reactor,” UN spokesman Stephen Dujarric said today.

Diplomatic sources said the UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting today to discuss the events. The meeting was requested by France and Estonia. The meeting is held informally and behind closed doors.

South Korea builds nuclear missiles

The nuclear company sees new activity at the North Korean nuclear reactor

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