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The unrecognizable RB Leipzig is on its way to RB Leipzig

The unrecognizable RB Leipzig is on its way to RB Leipzig

Beautifully with the start of Club Brugge’s Champions League campaign, the adventure ended painfully. Blauw-Zwart took a 0-5 lead against RB Leipzig on Wednesday night. Every mistake made by Philip Clement’s team was ruthlessly punished. By the end of the first half, the match had already been played. A disaster in four parts.

The red bull in the RB Leipzig logo? This doesn’t just refer to the energy drink giant that owns the club. Like a bull at the wheel, the RBL chased the ball against Club Brugge on Wednesday night. For two minutes, the blue and black gave the impression that he could set foot next to Leipzig. After that, Philip Clement’s team excelled in all corners of the field. In a 0-1 match Van der Brembet – not even under that much pressure at the time – handed the ball to the opponent very easily. On the vertical pass that followed, Hendry Wonsuke was easily knocked out. Mistakes are punishable at this level. Mignolet saved Andre Silva’s attempt, but Christopher Nkunku managed to push into the far corner. His sixth goal in the Champions League this season for the French. In the absolute final, Nkunko added the seventh goal with a score of 0-5.

0-2: Unnecessary imagination of sound

Kamal Souh allowed him to start at base again for the first time since the cup match against Denzi at the end of October. Not a gift, as it turns out. El Sowwa has already lost his fine form since the start of the season and that was also evident against RB Leipzig. The Ghanaian had a tough time on the left flank of the quick-witted Nordi Mukele. Time and time again he was easily outclassed. With speed, but also in fencing. To make matters worse, Al-Sawa also advanced 0-2 with a single foul. After arguing for his own purpose, he ended up being whipped at my feet. He took his time too much, and he wanted to flip the ball into the penalty area before disposing of it, so he lost the ball. Then he cut Brian Brobby inside the penalty area. Mignolet jumped to the right corner, but could not stop eleven meters from Forsberg.

0-3: The defense is twice as weak

After 0-2, the calf completely sank for the club. Blauw-Zwart could not get out under the pressure of visitors. On top of that, the Bruggelings continued to accumulate individual errors. After another kick from Leipzig, the ball fell into the corner of the penalty area in front of Angelino’s feet. The Spanish left-back has a superb cross to his feet and allowed him to use Van der Pript’s pass very easily. The club’s right winger AngeliƱo has given way too much space. And again, a resident of Antwerp put butter on his head. Again, however, he was not alone. Nsuki missed seeing Andre Silva in his back in the penalty area. The Portuguese header crossed Angelinho against Mingole with ease. Nesuke was allowed to stay in the dressing room in the first half, just like Dost.

0-4: Van der Barpt is very simple

After the third goal, it became especially important for blue and black to limit damage. The question of morals does not fall apart completely. For a moment, the guests seemed to slow down after 0-3. Until then, the Club had basically tried to create something with long balls towards Bas Dost, but now he’s tried to threaten multiple times from the group. Noa Lang – Brugge’s most hardworking striker before the break – received little support, so scoring was not possible. The best chance in the first half was Dost’s attempt, which was saved by Josep Martinez from close range. To make matters worse, Leipzig added the fourth goal on the other side. The fourth goal makes the taste of defeat even sadder. Forsberg cut through the left flank and hit the ball with precision past Mignolet in the lower left corner. Again, it was van der Priebbet who defended poorly and allowed Forsberg to build. In the hour he was brought out of his misery by Philip Clement.

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0-5: The collapse is complete

Club Brugge seemed to limit the damage after the break, but there was no savior of honor. Moreover, this dramatic evening ended with a sledgehammer: 0-5. Nkunko signed for the final result with his second goal of the evening.