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'The Voice of Holland' coaches are terrified on 'ANGE', and former winner responds for the first time |  Sexual assault in "Voice of the Netherlands"

‘The Voice of Holland’ coaches are terrified on ‘ANGE’, and former winner responds for the first time | Sexual assault in “Voice of the Netherlands”

showbizFormer winner Maan de Steenwinkel (24) reacts for the first time since all the twists and turns surrounding “The Voice”. “I’ve always tried it as a safe and positive place when it comes to music,” she writes on Instagram. The Voice’s (former) coaches were also heard after the BOOS episode online about the violations surrounding “The Voice of Holland.”

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During her years working on “The Voice of Holland” Maan never had to deal with unpleasant experiences. On Instagram, she indicated that she wanted to be “forever clear” about this.

“No one has treated me unfairly before, and I’ve always tried it as a safe and positive place related to music,” Maan wrote. “Everyone involved in the program, including the coaches, has always treated me with great respect and there has never been any question regarding infringing behaviour, physical gestures or abuse of power towards me.”

Maan, who won The Voice of Holland in January 2016 and has been active as a comeback coach alongside Typhoon this season, said he is “extremely shocked” by the abuses BOOS has caused. “Like many others who have been involved with TVOH in recent years, I am appalled to hear that according to the reports of those involved that have now emerged, such abuses have taken place. I wish everyone who was wronged a lot of strength and I hope this is investigated.”

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Miss Montreal and Selley, both coaches of The Voice Kids, were “deeply shocked” by the episode. “Like you, I am so shocked by the extreme situations in ‘The Voice of Holland’ that were revealed in ‘ANGE,'” Sanne Hans, aka Miss Montreal, says on her Instagram page. ‘I really don’t really know what to say about So… I’m silent. My thoughts go to the victims.” The singer was a coach on “The Voice” for three seasons.

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Snelle, who was a coach on “The Voice Kids” for two seasons, is also appalled by the online show. “The news about ‘The Voice’ has kept me busy for the past few days. Today I was so shocked by the episode of ‘BOOS’. My thoughts go to all the victims.”

Ilse DeLange, coach of “The Voice” in season 4 and 5, is “extremely shocked” and “deeply shocked” after seeing the “ANGE” episode. “After following the news in horror and bewilderment for the past few days, I just saw the episode of ‘BOOS,'” De Lange says on Instagram Stories. “I think it’s terrible that people who wanted to fulfill a musical dream ended up in such a nightmare. It is good that this is investigated to the end. My heart goes out to all the victims this happened to. I wish them lots of strength.” DeLange has also been seen as a coach on recent seasons of “The Voice Kids” and “The Voice Senior.”


Roel van Velzen, one of the early coaches of “The Voice of Holland” noted the developments surrounding the program with “disgust”. The singer, who was in the cradle of “The Voice” with John de Mol, writes this on Instagram.

“Over the past few days, and only on the ‘BOOS’ broadcast, I have been horrified to learn of the developments surrounding The Voice of Holland,” Van Velzen wrote. “I am disgusted by the stories and saddened by all the victims now that it turns out it was not a safe environment for many out there.” VanVelzen writes “deep respect” for having “the strength and courage” of those involved who “come forward with these stories.” “A very sad situation and I hope the movement will start. No one should be afraid to be heard.”

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