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The VTM series Red Light will soon be seen overseas

VTM series Red light Sold internationally to many countries. ARTE France will oversee the distribution to France and Germany. In New Zealand and Australia, the hunting drama series is firmly on the other side of the world. In Flanders, the series can now be seen in its entirety in streams.

Impressive VTM series Red light Know how to trust foreigners. ARTE France bought the series for France and Germany. Also in Europe, the drama series sold out AMC Iberia, N.R.K. In Norway, Walter Presents In the United Kingdom, A fairy tale In Lithuania and Turkcell In Turkey. In addition, Red light Can be found on the other side of the world. So purchased Rialdo Rights to New Zealand, S.P.S. Australia and a streaming service Latin America Showing interest. Other major foreign distributors will be announced later.

Red light The premiere in Cannes received much interest and acclaimed national and international criticism. The Hunting Series won, among other things, The சிறப்பு விளக்கம் பரிசு in Prix des Lucens Cannes and A golden calf For best series at the Netherlands Film Festival.


In Red light To explain Carris von Houghton (Game of Thrones), Halina Raine (Intuition) In In Mike New (Twelve) Three women from different backgrounds. Sylvia A prostitute works in a brothel with her boyfriend and pimp. Esther Well known soprano singer and from a rich background எவி A motivated policeman tries to fix a big case with his family life.

Through a confluence of events, the trio end up in a dangerous world of people kidnapping, prostitution and exploitation in Antwerp and Amsterdam. All three women will soon find out that they need each other to solve their problems.

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actors: Kirt von Rampelberg (Darkness), Coen de Bow (Torpedo), Ruth Beckard (About water), Joran Celteslachts (Spring Brothers), Sophie DeClear (Day) Ann Jacob Derwick (Hugging).

Garris von Houghton and Holina Raine To Red light Was conceived and the direction was in the hands Wouter Bouvin (Twelve) Ann Anke Blonde (Best of Dorian B). Author of the series Esther Geritson (Intuition), Christoph Trix (Tabula Rasa), Frank Kettler (Prostitution) Ann Holina Raine.

Red light Can now be seen in full in the streams Will air on VTM this fall.

Red Light is a production of Ivirx Film & TV Drama and Hollands Lich, co-produced by VTM and BNNvara, in association with Man Up Film. The series was realized in collaboration with SCIO Productions with the support of FAFISM Media Minister Benjamin Dole, VAF / MediaFunds of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and Belgian Tax Shelter.