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The wind farm developer has big plans for a new factory in New Zealand: here you need to know

Why is the use of hydrogen environmentally friendly?

The best way to produce hydrogen is by electrolysis of water (H2O). Using electricity, water (H2O) is separated into hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen (O2). Oxygen can be released into the air and hydrogen can be used as a fuel in factories. When you burn hydrogen gas, heat and water are formed. Of course, electrolysis costs energy, but pollutant emissions are not generated.

Which companies need more hydrogen?

Some companies that use a lot of hydrogen are the Zelaland Refinery in Vlissingen, the Dow Chemical in Terneuzen, the Yara Fertilizer Factory in Sluiskil and the Belgian branch of the steel company ArcelorMittal in Gent. These are all top 10 companies that use the most energy and emit the most CO2. For example, someone uses 1.3 million households of natural gas.

It must be green hydrogen. what is that?

It is hydrogen produced in a sustainable way. For example, the use of wind energy. Tedrsted wants to build a new marine wind farm there. In the coming years, the government will appoint several areas where marine wind farms will be installed. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Who is going to pay for that factory?

Astard points out that he could have paid for the coastal wind farm without a government subsidy. Government support is needed for the construction of the hydrogen plant and hydrogen network. Companies in Geeland and ArcelorMittal in Kent want to take advantage of hydrogen. To do this, a network must be created. That too will cost money.

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Can we in Zeeland notice anything from the new factory?

To be built somewhere in Zealand in the port area. Exactly where is still unknown. Thermphos’ old site in Vlissingen-East is one of the options. In addition, the new factory will provide direct and indirect employment. People go to work in the factory, but suppliers and subcontractors can also benefit from this. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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