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The world's thinnest Ferrari watch costs up to four real Ferraris |  money

The world’s thinnest Ferrari watch costs up to four real Ferraris | money

The Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari is the world’s thinnest mechanical watch. It would seem that such a delicate watch is difficult to make, because the manufacturer Richard Mille asks for $ 1,888,000 for the gem.

At just 1.75mm thick, the French watchmaker’s watch is much thinner than the watch of the previous record holder: the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Ultra. Its thickness was not less than 0.05 mm. As an indication: A human hair can be 0.18mm thick and a Euro 5 coin is 1.67mm thick.

The world’s thinnest watch version is only 150 pieces worldwide. The watch was produced in collaboration with Ferrari and is made of light weight 5 grade titanium† The watchmaker has been a sponsor of Ferrari for 50 years, but the world’s thinnest watch is the first to come out of the partnership.

1 853 372 EUR has been transferred

The residence looks unsurprising, luxurious or colorful. Few moving parts can be seen on the gray watch. The watch is only equipped with a few small hours and meters, as well as the Ferrari logo, and therefore has to rely primarily on its technology.

However, for €1,853,372 you should not think that it will last forever, or that it is waterproof to great depths. You even have to refill the RM UP-01 yourself regularly. The only good thing is that it is very flat.

For the same money you can buy four real Ferraris

Instead of one Richard Mille watch, you can easily buy four new Ferraris Superfast for €448,000 each. That’s more than 800 horsepower super sports cars, but unfortunately you can’t always and everywhere see the time.

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