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Remco Evenepoel geeft dan toch op in de Benelux Tour, wat met het EK? “Hij moet rusten, veel rusten, en herstellen”

Then Remco Evenepoel gives up on the Benelux Tour, making me…


There is no Remco Evenepoel at the start of Stage 5 of the Benelux Tour. Our compatriot had stomach aches again last night and is now giving up.

“After improving in recent days, Remco has started having stomach issues again,” Deceuninck said – Quick-Step. “It was then decided that he would not start the Benelux tour today. The team’s doctors will be closely monitoring his situation in the coming days.”

Evenepoel looked to have made a full comeback last month with overall victories at the Tour of Denmark and solo performances at the Druivenkoers and Brussels Cycling Classic. However, the Benelux round started on a bad note for Evenepoel when he had to deal with a faulty front wheel on the first stage and lost a lot of time. He got sick in the lead-up to the singles trial and had to settle for 18th after winning 39secs after the race against the clock.

Over the past few days, it seemed like a little was going on and Evenepoel wanted to go win next weekend’s stage, as well as helping Captain Kasper Asgreen to the final victory. But it won’t get that far.

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Evenpoel is scheduled to participate in the European Championships in Trentino, Italy. After that, he would like to choose for the World Cup in Leuven and also to take part in the Tour of Lombardy, the race in which he lost last year.

Then Remco Evenepoel surrenders in the Benelux round, so what about the European Championship?
Photo: BELGA

“Evenepoel needs to rest, rest a lot and recover”

“Let Remco keep driving doesn’t make sense anymore. He had another diarrhea at night from Thursday to Friday. That was a signal to completely pull the plug. Team doctor Evan Fanmol says it’s pointless to allow a rider who doesn’t already have a lot of strength to continue riding.” “The past days and weeks have been very difficult for Remco. We won’t let him “tie the knot” completely now. All he has to do now is get sick ASAP. Rest, rest a lot, and recover is the order of the day.”

According to Fanmol, whether Evenpool’s participation in the European Championships in Trento (September 8-12) is now in danger “is difficult to predict”.

“We will rate, review and revise him day in and day out. We have to give him time to recover and that was only possible by getting Remco off course. In addition, the last two rounds of the Benelux tour have been declared particularly difficult and challenging.”